That's a lot of calculations.

We render our animation projects using the fastest render farms on the market, scaling to hundred of servers to deliver in time with both CPU or GPU engines.

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Rendering? What does that mean?

For our clients, it's often a very mysterious part of our creative process. For us, it's often the longest part of our work, as it can't last from hours to days. But why ?

Simulate lights and materials like in real life

We use Arnold, and unbiased render engine using advanced path-tracing techniques. It's the process of simulating on a computer how the light bounce through our 3D objects, according to their physical material properties.
Simulating how light and lenses work in real life is very ressource intensive, but that's what give us photo-realistic results.

Depending on the objects complexity and image size, it can takes from minutes to hours to render a single frame.

Below is speed up example of what the rendering phase looks like : a lot of processor cores calculating small parts of the image. 

Render Farms

Render farm is a common term in the CGI industry to describe an array of servers (computers), on which the computation load is distributed to speed up computation times.

Our animations are made of 25 or 30 images for 1 second of film, so a 1min animation is made of up to 1 800 images to render. 
If a project takes 10min for one frame to render, it would take 12 days to calculate 1 min of 3D animation on a single machine.

Using a render farm, we can distribute our renders on hundreds of servers, allowing us to deliver our project in hours instead of days.

Example of a distributed render on 115 servers on one of our project.

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