Character Design

Tailor-made virtual egeries.

We can design characters of all types, in 2D or 3D. The best part is that we can add life to them with some cool animations, and make them compatible for the upcoming metaverse.

Marvelous Designer
Marvelous Designer

Original 3D Character Creation

Working closely with our clients, we provide a full service character creation : original sketch proposals, 3D modeling, skinning, rigging and animation. 

If you need a virtual egerie for your brand, we can help you design it and bring it to life.

Modeling of a custom 3D toon character we made for Orange

Characters made for animation

We model our characters with animation in mind. We'll create custom rigging tools to control the deformation of the characters, and be able to bring personnality and life into their animations.

Toon or Realistic 3D Characters

Depending on our clients needs, we can create characters in various style, from the more simple to the more complex ones.
Below if an example of a 3D model we created based on photo references.

3D Characters optimized for real-time 3D experiences

We have experience to produce optimized 3D models, that are suitable to use in real-time VR and AR experiences.

Below is an example of a custom character modeling we made for a real-time project. We had to create around twenty original models for an interactive VR experience happening in the Château de Versailles.
The models were made using a combination of Zbrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter.

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