Chinese New Year 2021
3D Animations

Chinese New Year 2021

We worked with Dior Parfums to create 3D animations showcasing their iconic perfumes for the 2021 Chinese New Year campaign.
February 2021

3D Film for the 2021 Chinese New Year creative campaign

For the 2021 CNY campaign, Dior developed a beautiful visual style based on painted flowers. They approached us to create animated content in 3D based on the same aesthetic, with growing flowers and plants around their products. 

3D Procedural Floral growth system

We develloped custom tools in Houdini to generate our growing plants, branches and flowers.
We used L-system formulas to model procedurally our different 3D branches in order to grow them, while keeping a control over the Art Direction of the tree.

Using advanced Arnold render shading techniques, we created fully procedural shaders for our 3D flowers, allowing us to have totally unique design for each petal.

GIFs animations

Playing with our growing 3D plants setup and the lighting, we created several 3D animated loop in the the same universe as the main film.


Miss Dior


Capture Totale


Trousse Rouges

Coffret Miss Dior

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Our in-house Creative Director was in charge of directing the film, and define the rhythm of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant
3D Modeling

Thanks to the nodal based workflow of Houdini, we were able to generate 3D geometries fully procedurally.

3D Animations

We can animate anything in 3D to give life to our projects : objects, cameras, characters, particles, lights, etc..

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D
3D Simulations

Houdini allowed us to create complex particles and fluid simulations, using a node based procedural workflow.


We created tailor-made textures and materials, using the latest Physically Based Rendering shaders techniques.

Arnold Renderer
Arnold Renderer

We rendered this project on the fastest render farm, using hundred of servers to deliver in time.

Ranch Computing
Ranch Computing

We used a 32bpc nodal compositing workflow, with the latest industry standards : OCIO, ACES & Cryptomatte


We delivered all the files necessary for the exploitation, in the various ratios and codecs needed by the client.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant

Client : Dior Parfums
Studio : Point Flottant

Dior Parfums

Creative Direction : Aurelie Pyvka
Art Direction / Storyboard : Edmond Luu
Production : Aline Micheli

Point Flottant Studio

Creative Direction : Mattias Peresini
3D Animations : Mattias Peresini, Rémi Loger
3D Modeling : Jerome Levilly, Jérémy Reveniaud
3D Simulations : Jérémy Reveniaud
Shading / Lighting : Mattias Peresini, Rémi Loger
Compositing : Mattias Peresini

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