SublimeVideo Framework
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SublimeVideo Framework

We created a motion graphics animation to introduce SublimeVideo Horizon, the Framework that finally sparks the HTML5 Video revolution.
Motion Design
December 2012

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Creative Direction

Working closely with our client and their brand guidelines, we were charged to conceive the Art Direction of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant


Our in-house Creative Director was in charge of directing the film, and define the rhythm of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant

2D Animation

To convoy our clients message, we use After Effects to create motion design and 2D animations of any style.

After Effects
After Effects

3D Animations

We can animate anything in 3D to give life to our projects : objects, cameras, characters, particles, lights, etc..

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D


Direction : Jilion
Studio : Point Flottant
Shooting :
Voice : Shawn Hesketh

Point Flottant Studio

Design : Jilion, Mattias Peresini
Direction : Mattias Peresini
2D Animations : Mattias Peresini, Mickaël Lecolazet
3D Animations : Mattias Peresini

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