Valentine's Day 2023
SKII x White Rabbit

Valentine's Day 2023

For Valentine's Day, we helped SKII celebrate with playful 2D and 3D animations showcasing their special edition SKII x White Rabbit gift box.
February 2023

For Valentine's Day, SKII created a limited edition SKII x White Rabbit gift box. We had the pleasure of working once again with Leo Burnett creative team and Prodigious to create two films for this special occasion.

Film 01 - SKII x White Rabbit FTE Bottle Reveal

Using a combination of traditional 2D hand-drawn animations and premium 3D renders, we created elegant and seamless transitions between the two mediums to showcase the SKII products.

In this first film, we focus on the reveal of the limited edition SKII x White Rabbit FTE bottle design, and the accompanying Valentine's Day gift box. We follow a rabbit as it jumps on the original FTE bottle, transforming it into the limited edition, which then reveals the special gift box.

Film 02 - Two Rabbits and a Bottle

In this second film, we follow two rabbits and the SKII bottle as they play hide and seek in a charming and adorable way. The film begins with one rabbit that passes next to the gift box, causing it to open and revealing the bottle inside. As the two rabbits and the bottle move around, we used dynamic transitions to change the background color and showcase the product in a minimalist but elegant way. As the two rabbits and the bottle playfully make their way back into the gift box, the film concludes with a clean end screen featuring the packshot.

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Our in-house Creative Director was in charge of directing the film, and define the rhythm of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant
2D Animation

We use Adobe Animate to create traditionnal 2D animations, drawing our illustrations frame by frame.

3D Animations

We can animate anything in 3D to give life to our projects : objects, cameras, characters, particles, lights, etc..

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D
3D Modeling

We create custom 3D modeling for each project. From scratch or based on provided files,we can create any object.

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D

We created tailor-made textures and materials, using the latest Physically Based Rendering shaders techniques.

Arnold Renderer
Arnold Renderer

We rendered this project with our own EC2 instances on AWS, scaling to hundreds of servers to deliver in time.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

We used a 32bpc nodal compositing workflow, with the latest industry standards : OCIO, ACES & Cryptomatte


We delivered all the files necessary for the exploitation, in the various ratios and codecs needed by the client.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant

Client: SKII
Agency: Leo Burnett Singapore
Production : Prodigious Singapore
Studio: Point Flottant

Leo Burnett

Creative : Jocelyn Chabanis
Account Director : Anna Rudashko
Account Manager : Noreen Tjindra
Project management : Rachel Kee, Long Jing Xin, Shalom Wong, Alicia Lee


Production : Daniel Ho

Point Flottant Studio

Direction: Mattias Peresini
Production : Sharlene Thiakarajah
2D Animations : Thomas Rietbergen
3D Animations : Mattias Peresini, Samuel Fiser
3D Modeling : Morgane Costantini, Samuel Fiser, Mattias Peresini
Shading / Lighting / Compositing : Mattias Peresini

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