We helped our friends at Blank to create an experience for their client Redbull, related to the Dakar competition. We made a full 3D animation, with a tailor made environnement based on the client needs.
December 2016

Full 3D Environnement

Tailor made 3D environnement

One of the most challenging part of this project was the creation of a full 3D environnement, tailor made to match our specific needs.
We had to create a 2km road, passing through various landscape : forest, mountain, canyon and desert.
The goal was to merge in a single experience the key landscapes encountered during the Dakar competition.

Lighting Tests

Playing with the 3D car simulation

We simulated the animation of the car, based on a real-world scale. The speed and trajectory are calculated according to the weight of the car, the suspensions, the torque of the motor, the shape of the terrain, and many more parameters.

The video in situation

The video was used inside an interactive quizz on the Redbull website.
Questions were asked at various key moments, and the player had to choose quickly, as a co-driver.

What we've done on this project

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Client : Redbull

Agency : Blank

Studio : Point Flottant


Concept : Alexis Czornomaz
Project Management : Alexandre Veinand

Point Flottant Studio

Direction & Creative Direction : Mattias Peresini
3D Environnement artist : Jerome Levilly
3D Modeling : Thomas Charier, Jerome Levilly, Fcome
Shading / Texturing : Thomas Charier, Jerome Levilly
3D Animation / Lighting / Rendering : Mattias Peresini
FXs & Compositing : Fcome

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