J12 VR Experience
Interactive Application

J12 VR Experience

We created a playful interactive VR experience for the new Chanel J12 watch. Using the controllers, the user can control and interact with the 3D elements to unveil the new products.
Virtual Reality
March 2019

The concept

Chanel wanted to create a fun experience to present their new J12 watche. 
We proposed to create a stylized interactive app in VR with Unity, and they liked the idea. 

We had to highlight 3 themes specific to the J12 DNA : high performance ceramic, automotive and sailing.

Concept & Storyboard

Below are the still images we created to validate the concept of the app and the mood with the client.

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Creative Direction

Working closely with our client and their brand guidelines, we were charged to conceive the Art Direction of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant

Our in-house Creative Director was in charge of directing the film, and define the rhythm of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant

We created a storyboard to validate our vision for the different shots, giving our client a clear overview of the film.


We used unity to develop an interactive realtime 3D experience for Virtual Reality headsets.


Client : Chanel
Studio : Point Flottant


Production : Alexandre Veinand

Point Flottant Studio

Concept & Creative Direction : Mattias Peresini
Soryboard & Art Direction : Mattias Peresini, Jerome Levilly, Joseph Merdrignac
3D Modeling / Shading : Jerome Levilly
Unity 3D Development : Joseph Merdrignac

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