LoL - Ruination Europe
3D Visual Effects

League of Legends Ruination Europe

Stylized 3D smoke simulations for League of Legends. We worked with JK Groupe to create a serie of 8 VFX films for the launch of the Ruination Europe campaign.


We helped JK Groupe to create 8 teasing films for the League of Legends Ruination Europe campaign. We had to match the visual style of the LoL magical mist, and recreate it on top on stock footage of various european cities.

A challenging project

When JK Groupe approached us for this project, we knew it would be a challenging one. From the initial brief to the delivery, we had 3 weeks to deliver 8 films made of 40 shots.
All the shots contained 3D smoke simulations, a process that involve a lot of simulation time. And before we could do the 3D simulations, we had to find, validate, track and model all these shots. 

With a very efficient team and a reactive client, we were able to deliver all the films in time for the marketing campaign that was happening live as we delivered a film a day.


For each shots of the project, we went through the same process :

  • 3D tracking : we recreated the camera movements in order to have a virtual camera in our 3D scene matching with the real camera used to film the shot.
  • 3D Matchmoving : we modeled the main buildings and elements, that we used as masks and volume colliders for our 3D smoke simulations in Houdini.
  • Simulations and renders : we used a render farm to simulate and render with Arnold all the smoke simulations in parallel to meet the short deadline.
  • Compositing : we used Nuke to integrate the 3D render on top of the video footage, and add various post-effects to get a good integration.

3D Tracking and Matchmoving

Below are some example of our 3D matchmoving work on the shots. We use 3D proxies of different quality for the main buildings in almost all shots.

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Our in-house Creative Director was in charge of directing the film, and define the rhythm of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant
3D Tracking

We used 3D tracking to recreate the camera movement of the shot, and integrate our animations in it.

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D
3D Simulations

Houdini allowed us to create complex particles and fluid simulations, using a node based procedural workflow.


We created tailor-made textures and materials, using the latest Physically Based Rendering shaders techniques.

Arnold Renderer
Arnold Renderer

We rendered this project on the fastest render farm, using hundred of servers to deliver in time.

Ranch Computing
Ranch Computing

We used a 32bpc nodal compositing workflow, with the latest industry standards : OCIO, ACES & Cryptomatte


Our producer was in charge of managing the project, passing client feedbacks to our creative team.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant

We delivered all the files necessary for the exploitation, in the various ratios and codecs needed by the client.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant

Client : Riot Games
Agency : JK Groupe
Studio : Point Flottant

JK Groupe

Creative Direction : Florian Pernot
Production : Chloé Marchand
Project Management : Robin Allard

Point Flottant Studio

Creative Direction : Mattias Peresini
Direction / Editing : Mattias Peresini
Production : Chandra Lequindre
FXs R&D and Setup : Jérémy Reveniaud
FXs Simulations : Jérémy Reveniaud, Marine Gazel
Tracking / Matchmoving / Compositing : Mattias Peresini


Tracking / Matchmoving / Roto : Rhodium Studio

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