Branding Visuals
3D Motion Design

Branding Visuals

Various visuals and GIFs animations showcasing the features of the new Fubiz website. 
Motion Design
July 2015

3D Motion Design creative animations

We created various promotional 3D animations for the launch of the new Fubiz website. We showcased the multitude of devices where you can enjoy their website, with stylized 3D renders and playful animations.

Creativity Finder

A little 3D animation showcasing the different categories of the Fubiz website, and the ease of switch between them. We created seamless transitions between the scenes, using stylized 3D rotating cards representing the website UI in a minimalist way.

We used materials with uniform colors to separate the categories while emphasizing the content.

Infinite Mobile Grid

A simple loop animation with 3D phones in an isometric grids, showing the different layouts of the responsive mobile version of Fubiz.

Responsive Design Preview

A fun 3D animation that highlight the different UI layout of the Fubiz website, fully responsive across all devices sizes. We created a luminous 3D version of the icon that light the scene with a neon look. 

Fubiz TV Experiment

A little 3D animated test, playing with various luminescent screens and a wide angle virtual camera. 

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Creative Direction

Working closely with our client and their brand guidelines, we were charged to conceive the Art Direction of the project.

Point Flottant
Point Flottant
3D Modeling

We create custom 3D modeling for each project. From scratch or based on provided files,we can create any object.

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D
3D Animations

We can animate anything in 3D to give life to our projects : objects, cameras, characters, particles, lights, etc..

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D

Using 32bpc multi-layer OpenEXR workflow, After Effects allowed us to composite our 3D passes and add creative effects.

After Effects
After Effects
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