We helped Make Me Pulse to create a futuristic room for their client Novotel. We're charged to design the room and create a 360 video showcasing various objects imagined by the Novotel's community. 
Virtual Reality
December 2017

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Client : Novotel
Production : Make Me Pulse
Studio : Point Flottant

Make Me Pulse

Art Direction  : Thiébault Delaporte-Richard
Production : Juliette Desbois, Julien Rault

Some objects were provided by the client :
the bathtub, the bed, the toy table and the chair and its interface.

Point Flottant Studio

Creative Direction : Mattias Peresini
Art Direction : Jerome Levilly
Conception : Jerome Levilly, Mattias Peresini
Modeling : Jerome Levilly
Shading / Lighting : Mattias Peresini, Jerome Levilly
Animations : Mattias Peresini, Thomas Charier
Compositing : Mattias Peresini

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