Christmas 2015 Animations

We've created more than 30 loopable animations for the 2015 Christmas website of Louis Vuitton. Each scenes were recreated in 3D from still photographs.
December 2015

3D Scenes Reconstruction

We used a lot of 3D camera mapping projections, combined with 3D relighting techniques. All the lighting was re-done in 3D in order to animate it.

Landscape Animations

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Client : Louis Vuitton
Agency : BETC
Studio : Point Flottant


Direction Artistique : Cecilia Feller
Account Executive : Margot Philibert
Production : Sandy Semelin

Point Flottant Studio

2D Texture preparation : Mattias Peresini, Thomas Charier
3D Modelling / Mapping : Thomas Charier, Donald Simonet
Animations : Mattias Peresini
Shading / Lighting / Compositing : Mattias Peresini

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