We helped BETC to create graphic assets and animations for the 2016 Christmas website of Louis Vuitton.Each scenes were recreated in 3D from still photographs.
December 2016

Graphic Assets for the website

We designed and created in 3D various mechanical elements, based on the references provided by BETC. 
The challenge was to keep everything relatively "flat", as it needed to be integrated and animated live on the website, in code. 

Cogs Design

We created dozens of 3D cogs, in order to mix them and obtain complex-looking mechanism. 

Asset preparation for web animation

Each elements were provided with various layers, so the web studio was able to animated them properly, even with lighting effects. 

Greetings video

BETC asked us to declinate the Introduction video into a greetings video.
We designed various cards and adapted the mechanism accordingly. 

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Client : Louis Vuitton
Agency : BETC
Studio : Point Flottant


Creative Direction: Alexander Choat, Anne-Charlotte Pascal
Account Executive: Margot Philibert
Project Management: Angelique Chaulin, Valentine Sebaux
Production: Sandy Semelin, Blandine Vives

Point Flottant Studio

Creative Direction: Mattias Peresini
Art Direction : Thomas Charier
3D Modelling / Mapping: Thomas Charier, Jerome Levilly
3D Animations : Thomas Charier
Shading / Lighting : Thomas Charier, Mattias Peresini
Compositing : Mattias Peresini

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