3D Motion Designer

We're looking for a talented 3D Motion and Art Director.
Contract Type:
June 13, 2021
July 29, 2021
Required Skills:
Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D
After Effects
After Effects
Arnold Renderer
Arnold Renderer
On site / Remote

Point Flottant is looking for a talented 3D Motion Designer and Art Director to join us in June and July 2021.
A full time position can also be envisaged depending on your profile and experiences.

You'll contribute to the creation of rich and varied 3D animations.
Our projects are the result of teamwork, where the combination of each person's skills is essential.
You will need to be able to produce structured projects, suitable for collaborative work.

You have to be comfortable with the following tasks :

  • 2D / 3D Art Direction under the supervision of our Creative Director
  • 3D Motion Design and animations with Cinema 4D and Arnold Render (or Redshift).
  • Compositing with After Effects (32bpc multi-layered EXR workflow)

Intervening in all aspects of the audiovisual production, you will be required to work on various projects:

  • 3D animated film
  • Motion design and 2D animation
  • Pre-calculated and real-time virtual reality
  • Real-time augmented reality
  • Special effects and compositing

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